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elite: Durham's Alicia Starkey ROCKED elite: Transform!


I’d like to thank elite: Durham for this amazing programme. Where all other gyms have failed to keep me interested, the Transform money-back guarantee was the perfect incentive and kept me motivated throughout.
After the first session, my thoughts were, ”What the ****...what have I let myself in for?! How can I do this for 6 weeks??” I could barely walk for days after.

Going forward, each and every session presented different challenges which kept me interested and motivated. Big thanks to all the trainers for their commitment and enthusiasm. Having no experience of this type of exercise I was surprised to find how much I enjoyed the punishment! 😂

As for my fellow challengers, what an incredible bunch of people. The atmosphere was amazing, I felt no intimidation or embarrassment, just a mix of people of all shapes and sizes with the same goal who occasionally like to simultaneously break out into song! 🎤 🎶

At first, the meal plan looked daunting, drastic and unappealing but once you get your head around it the food is surprisingly tasty and satisfying and has re-educated me that food is the fuel for your body. 🏋🏻‍♀️

Throughout the process, along with the obvious changes to my weight, strength and appearance, I also noticed a massive improvement in my mood and confidence, which has also been recognised by those closest to me.

Having been recommended by a friend myself I would not hesitate to encourage someone else... If you’re thinking of doing it...DO IT! Yes, it’s a massive challenge, but so worth it.

Thank you to everyone who made the last six weeks amazing!"

Total loss: 28.4lb!