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Paddy Graham Smashed 100lbs with elite: Transform!


Paddy Graham

Father of 2 Paddy Graham from Cramlington has smashed our elite: transform challenge losing an amazing 100lbs! 

Paddy signed up to elite: transform after wanting to become a more active and the Dad he has always wanted to be. Before joining elite, Paddy hadn’t exercised for years, I had tried gyms but never felt comfortable or happy. He felt judged and as if he didn’t belong there. “I have never felt like this at elite, not once!”

Paddy was super nervous to turn up to the first chat about joining, never mind the first session, saying, “The staff were all so helpful.  It makes you think about so much more than just the sessions and food plan too – Its life-changing! I’m now part of the 100lbs club!”

“The biggest motivation for me was trying to lose 20lbs every-time so I could roll over and over again! I love encouraging others in sessions and being the motivation for their weight-loss journey.”

Talking about our new meal plan, Paddy mentioned the plan was “far tastier and a lot more varied”

“The support I get from everyone is my favourite thing about elite, the trainers are all superb, both past and present, the atmosphere in some of the groups I have been in is immense. You get back what you put in, if you want to be pushed and encouraged then you absolutely can be.


I have made friends here who feel like I have known for years when in reality I don't know where they live work or anything. I had heard people saying what close friendships they have made but I understand why now.  The atmosphere the trainers create is class. I would recommend elite: to anybody! 

If I could describe it in three words I would say, FUN, FITNESS & FAMILY!

Thank you elite: Cramlington!"

If you would like to follow in Paddy's footsteps, get involved in our next intake by calling us on 0191 500 8978 or emailing