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elite: Fusion Terms and Conditions

When signing up to elite: Fusion you will be required to sign a contract in the studio for our monthly membership. Below are our terms and conditions for entering a membership with elite:
1. This Agreement was entered by the payer and Elite Together Training Limited (“the Company”)
2. Elite Together Training Limited, a company registered in England and Wales trading as “elite Together”. Company registration number is 09939411.
3. The Company can be contacted by telephoning the consumer service team at 0191 500 8978 or by writing to to the studio email address. The Client is requested to please use these contact details should they have any questions or a complaint.
4. How the Company may contact the Client. If the Company has to contact the Client they will do so by telephone or by writing to the Client at the email address or postal address the Client provided to the Company. When the Company use the words “writing” or “written” in these terms, this includes emails.
5. The Client and the Company both agree to their own obligations to fulfil this Agreement. These obligations are as follows:
6. The Client and the Company have agreed that the Company will conduct Monthly Workout Programme. 
7. Each session will begin at the agreed time and will be subject to the Services Policy, which the Client will also be required to read and sign together with the acceptance of this Agreement.
8. The Client will pay the Company, a one-off processing fee of £5.00 in addition to the initial membership payment.
9. No credit or refund of this amount or any portion thereof shall be due to the Client for sessions cancelled by the Client, except as provided in Services Policy point 8.
10. The Client acknowledges that there is an initial minimum commitment of three months from the date of this agreement.
11. Cancellation of the Monthly Workout Programme Training Agreement after the initial minimum commitment of three months requires a 30 days notice of cancellation in writing.
12. If the Client fails to give appropriate notice, and the Company is unable to recover the outstanding balance from the Direct Debit or after formal requests from the Company, the debt will automatically be transferred to a third party debt collection agency. The Company reserves the right to levy an administration fee of £35 in order to pass on the debt.
13. Annual or special offers has a clear start date and a clear end date, which is displayed above. A client cannot cancel this is an upfront cost and is non-refundable. elite:Together Training Ltd WILL NOT refund any special offer payment.
14. At the same time as completing this Agreement, the Client will be provided by the Company and asked to be completed and returned, the elite Safety Questions and an Assumption of Risk. In these waivers the Client assumes all risks of participating in a workout programme and agrees that the Company and its agents, employees, or contractors, if any, shall have no liability for any injury, illness, or similar difficulty that the Client may suffer arising out of or connected with the Client’s participation in any and all workout programmes conducted by the Company.
15. The Client acknowledges and agrees that the Company may require the Client to obtain the consent of his/her Doctor prior to providing the Client with any workout or exercise programmes, training, or instruction. Any changes to the Client’s medical records or any illness/injuries should be disclosed to the Company.
16. The Client acknowledges and agrees that the Company has the right to terminate this agreement at anytime and for any reason, with no obligation due to the Client beyond a refund of payments made for any unused workout