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Programme Benefits

What can I pledge too?

1. Pledge to lose weight.

Whether you have a few lbs to lose or a few stone then this is the pledge for you. You will commit to this pledge and once you have made your pledge then your local studio trainers will help support you to help you achieve your goal.

2. Pledge to run 5K.

If you're planning to get into running this January, our BRAND-NEW elite: Get up and go 5K is perfect for you. This will focus on improving your running/jogging. This pledge will involve a short run/jog/walk each day with the aim to improve. On Sunday 31st January elite: will host a virtual 5K race where members will all go out and run their 5K they will track it and post their finish time on the closed lock down page.

3. Pledge to eat a healthy balanced diet.

We provide you with a delicious meal plan to help you achieve your goals and re-educate your mindset when it comes to eating. 

  • Over 50 x 30 Minute on demand fitness sessions each week 
  • A calorie-controlled diet plan  
  • Access to the elite app where you can track your progress 
  • 12, 45 Minute live zoom sessions each week with our team of fantastic instructors 
  • Elite get up and go 5K training targets 
  • Access to our elite: Pledge Challenge page where we will post motivation, healthy living tips, and general support throughout your pledge journey 
  • Get that accountability and support from our team of elite: Trainers 
  • Access to our new elite: Get up and go 5k 
  • BRAND NEW elite: Diary to track your progress 
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elite: Protein

Give yourself the best possible chance to complete the challenge with our specially formulated protein. Orders made before 2pm will be dispatched on the same day for next day delivery.