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elite: Transform is our unique FULLY REFUNDABLE weight loss challenge. Our tried and tested programme is designed to help you lose 20lbs in 6 weeks, once you do, we will refund your training deposit (conditions apply). Or you have the option to reinvest your deposit into further training to continue your journey with elite.

  • 6 weeks of immense elite: Sessions. 18, 45 minutes sessions in total (3 per week) that are always varied and progressive 
  • 7-day food plan full of great foods to fuel your body correctly 
  • Dedicated team of trainers who push you through the 6 weeks and will help you achieve your goal 
  • Accountability and unlimited support from your own group trainer 
  • Access to our Transform Facebook group with all other members
  • Weekly weigh ins to track and monitor your progress with full access to our elite: Tracker 
  • Before and after progress photos  
  • Home workout videos posted weekly
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Transform your body shape
  • Transform your mind
  • Increase your confidence and self esteem

Our Clients Love Us

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Thanks to you all at elite worked your magic AGAIN and pushed me to the max, you’ve helped get me in some kinda shape for the GRN!! Only diet and exercise that actually works.... thank you again!! See yous in 2 weeks for evolve 💪🏽 👊🏽

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I joined up because I wanted to get my fitness levels back up which had dropped since I left the military. I joined elite with my wife who had not long given birth to our first child so we both had motivation to lose some extra weight and most importantly get fit again. I have loved doing the classes I'm a big fan of group circuits which inspires me try harder because I get very bored doing my own thing in a gym. I feel great after achieving my goal of weight loss and will be signing up to the fusion classes to improve my fitness even more and most importantly because I enjoy them.

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I joined Elite because I no longer felt comfortable and didn’t feel like anything I was doing was working! However since joining Elite people have noticed my weight loss and I have noticed such a difference in my mood and weight! The classes are so good and the trainers are lovely. The trainers push you which is what I needed. I am so thankful as I now can get into clothes I haven’t for quite some time!! 21.3lbs down!!!